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The Studio believes that Pilates is an invaluable addition to every person’s quality of life.  Natasha creates group and private classes that present possibility.  Therapeutic Pilates is her passion.  Over the past 15 years as Pilates teacher, She has assisted clients with hip, shoulder, knee and lower back pain, fibromyalgia and mobility issues, as well as working with elite athletes (figure skaters, runners and dancers). The Studio’s Pilates Class offerings allows the individual student to create a class program that helps them work towards their moving goals.

“Feel better in 10 Sessions, Look better in 20 sessions and have a new body in 30 sessions.”  Joseph Pilates


Beginner Pilates Mat Work

An introduction to Joseph Pilate’s fundamentals of movement and postural alignment.  The basic mat exercises are taught, as well as stretches and seasonal variations.   Studio newbies welcome!      


Senior Pilates Mat Work

An introduction to Joseph Pilate’s fundamentals of movement and postural alignment for the older body.  The basic mat exercises are taught, as well as stretches and seasonal variations.   This class will increase strength, improve flexibility and alignment and increase body awareness. Studio newbies welcome!      


Therapeutic Moves!

Where Dance and Pilates Fundamentals converge!  A half hour Pilates based stretch.  A half hour of Therapeutic movement across the floor.  This class will explore Pilate’s fundamentals of movement standing, increase body awareness and postural alignment.    Studio newbies welcome!      


Small Apparatus Trio Class

A three person class that allows for continued exploration of Jospeh Pilate’s fundamentals with the increased challenge of the small apparatus. Small apparatus includes one or a variation of: the cylinder, triad ball, swiss ball, blocks, little yellow ball, magic circle, the wall spring and the Mary Bowen stool.  Please contact Natasha if interested.  Class size.  3 persons

Monday@6:25pm   Wednesday@5pm



As an accompaniment to a group class or as a class unto itself, the studio offers private, semi-private and reformer Pilates sessions.  These classes, designed to specifically target the individual’s movement goals and intentions, are a nurturing, supportive and positive environment in which to explore the power and potential of the body, mind and spirit. 

40 Minute Private Reformer Sessions

With a foundation in Joseph Pilate’s traditional half hour use of the large apparatus in his 50 minute private sessions, Natasha has created a workout that will strengthen, stretch and decompress.  This class is highly recommended for people with injuries, chronic pain and therapeutic needs.

Semi-Private Pilates Sessions
Two person sessions that expose the participants to the wall spring, small apparatus and movement concepts.  A favourite of couples who wish to share time together.
Private Pilates Sessions
An hour long class that weaves reformer, small apparatus, wall spring and movement concepts into a tapestry of movement challenge and discovery.  This class is good for those with injuries of those desire one on one attention and guidance.  This is the way Jospeh Pilates taught the work.
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“Contrology (Pilates) develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.”
Joseph Pilates on his movement philsophy
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