Pilates and Dance Classes to help you Fly!

The Natasha Royka Movement Studio creates class experiences that make you feel good about yourself from the inside out.

The Natasha Royka Movement Studio encourages you to envision the potential of what movement can be. The positive and supportive Studio community of teachers and “studioers”  create an environment of curiosity, openness and excellence.  The Studio philosophy of Move   Breathe   Grow weaves itself through all the class work.

Our classes don’t stay in the Studio.  

They move out into the world with you, one step at a time.

Studio Specialties

Ballet & Contemporary Dance Technique

Therapeutic Pilates for bodies living in a challenging world

Children’s Creative Movement Program

Small classes

Private Pilates sessions

Individual attention and guidance

Sharing the wisdom of dance & movement knowledge with communities outside the Studio through performance, writings and workshops.

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The Magic of Standing Tall…

Posture & Pilates Workshop     Sunday. February 1     2-3:15pm

Fee. 27$


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Where is the Natasha Royka Movement Studio’s Email Class Schedule?

Due to the anti-spam law that went into effect in Canada on July 1, 2014 you may not be receiving the Studio’s email class schedule.  

Individual consent is needed for us to be able to send you an email.

Please contact Natasha at to be included on the Studio’s new list.

The Studio thanks you for your understanding as our email list goes through a dancing transformation!